WaaS – Uberised Warehousing

Smart Inventory Placement Across Network of “Managed” Warehouses Across India

Key Warehousing Challenges

Capex and Lead Time

  • Huge capex investment

  • Minimum 6 to 9 months to launch a new warehouse

  • Capacities added in big chunks leading to underutilization

Doing Inhouse is Expensive 

  • Warehousing has become a specialized activity

  • Ecommerce - Same day dispatch

  • Unavailability of skilled manpower and high attrition

Distributed Demand but Single Warehouse

  • Longer delivery time

  • Higher logistics costs

Difficult to Scale

  • Huge volume fluctuations within a month and for many other months

  • Dynamic sales mix leading to realignment of operations

We Uberize Warehousing

All SLAs and inventory accuracy owned by INCREFF

Faster on-boarding anywhere anytime

Quick ramp-up and ramp-down

Capex to Opex model

Fulfill all B2B and B2C orders from same inventory

Business Impact

20-25% Lower Manpower Cost

  • Higher efficiency – e.g. pick path optimization

  • Lower dependency on skilled manpower

  • Manpower training in 5 mins –high productivity from day one

  • Right first time – no need for corrective actions / audits

2 to 3 Times Higher Revenue

  • Single view of inventory to all sales channels resulting in higher sales velocity

  • Zero order cancellations - 99.99% fulfillment accuracy

Faster Delivery At Lower Cost

  •  Closer to end customer, faster SLA, lower cost


  • Capex to Opex

  • Quick ramp-up of operations

  • Quick set-up - start operations in less than a month

One of the largest E-Commerce 
Channels in India

Manpower cost reduced by 40-50%

Delivered 100% inventory accuracy and 100% order fulfillment accuracy