Assure is a web-based omni-channel fulfillment platform, exposing single view of inventory to both offline and online channels with 100% inventory accuracy and 100% order fulfillment

Four Modules of ASSURE






Real time and accurate inventory and order sync


Marketplace Integrations

  • All key marketplaces - Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, FlipKart, PayTM, Snapdeal, Tata CLiQ and LimeRoad

  • Fulfilled By Amazon and Prime Status without physically dedicating inventory to Amazon

High Accuracy

  • Inventory and order synching across all channels in less than 30 seconds

  • Near zero unfulfillable orders

  • Smart formula based inventory exposure

Custom Integrations

  • Standard APIs for private e-commerce integrations – Brands own website, Magento, SpreeCommerce, Shopify

  • Inventory and order synching with ERPs

  • 35+ logistics partners through Clickpost

  • Omni-channel through Olabi

  • Warehouse automations through Falcon


 100% inventory accuracy 


Inventory Accuracy

  • 100% inventory accuracy – cannot pick wrong item or from wrong location​

  • 100% scan based operations – beats RFID

  • Complete trail of every piece and every human action

  • Right first time - no need for audits

Ease of Operations

  • Penless, paperless, keyboardless - via smartphones / HHTs / laptops – smart glass coming soon

  • Simple and intuitive UI (User Interface) - need only 5 min training on each screen

  • No “Print” button. No “Next” button. No dropdowns

  • ​​Foolproof - no human decision making involved

High Efficiency

  • High picking efficiency via Consolidated Picking & Intelligent Pick Path

  • Very high  warehouse storage space utilization

  • Product photograph at all critical stages like GRN, picking and packing

  • Individual level performance monitoring

  • Multi piece order processing through pigeon holes – Digital "Put To Light"



100% fulfillment within SLA 


  • Partial order fulfillment

  • Order prioritization – fulfillment can be prioritized based on SLA and Channel type


  • Multi-warehousing

  • Stock transfers, sales orders, purchase order handling

  • Custom invoice formats

  • Localized tax computations


  • Scale 100,000 orders / day

  • 99.9% uptime


Expose even the last piece of inventory to all sales channels


Intelligent Inventory Exposure

  • Expose single view of inventory, lying across multiple warehouses, to all sales channels (Online, EBOs, LFRs, Trade, Marketplaces) and fulfill orders of all channels

  • Digital inventory reservation pools

  • Smart formula based inventory exposure

Unique Piece Barcoding

  • Every piece of inventory gets a unique ID and is tracked individually

  • Unique Piece Barcoding beats robotics

  • Complete history of every item

Inventory Reconciliation

  • Inventory reconciliation at PO level, invoice level and box level

  • Accurate Returns reconciliation

Deep API integration with all major ecommerce channels
PRIME AND FULFILLED BY AMAZON status on 100% inventory on the platform
Customized integration with ERPs, brand website, logistics partners, and warehouse automation platforms
ZERO - deployment cost, upfront licence cost and training cost
Pay per piece dispatch
Deployment in 2 hours
50+ insightful & actionable reports
Business intelligence - top seller report, sales dashboard
Human Action - hourly productivity report
Inventory - inventory ageing, average inventory holding
Penless, paperless, keyboardless, no dropdown & no next button
Simple and intuitive UI. Need only 5 mins training on each screen
High picking efficiency via consolidated picking & intelligent pick path
Cloud provides enterprise grade physical security
Dedicated deployment for each customer
2048 Bit SSL and AES 256 Storage
Backups - AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage
Role based user access control
Multi-factor authentication to be launched in 3-4 months
Expose single view of inventory to all sales channels (online & offline)
Faster inventory and order sync (less than 30 secs)
Digital Pools and Intelligent Formulas to reserve inventory. Expose even the last piece of inventory
100% Inventory Exposure to all Channels
API First Fulfillment Platform


Build For Enterprise
SaaS Based Platform
Ease of Operations : 20-25%
lower manpower cost

Value Delivered

One of the largest online fashion distributor in India

Accurate and fast order fulfillment resulted in 7% lower returns

Exposing common inventory resulted in 25% higher revenue

~100% accurate order fulfillment within SLA resulted in best seller rating